Let’s Play Outside!

After a solid year of too much screen time and blobbing on the couch, it finally feels like we can all start to stretch our legs a little. Lately we keep getting in all sorts of new fun things to play with outside, perfect for those of us who were slowly turning into a mushroom! Here are some of our favorite treats!

One of our all time super faves is these amazingly well made bows and arrows from Two Bros Bows! The bows are sturdy and come in all sorts of fun patterns, and the arrows are tipped with a poofy thing so nobody gets hurt practicing their aim. This company was founded by a pair of brothers when they were 7 and 10 years old! They started out as a teeny weeny production, just the family out of their home, and over the past few years they’ve become quite an operation, still made in the USA. How cool is that? We’re very proud to carry their stuff. We sell sets of one bow and one arrow, and we also carry just arrows (in case you want another!)

A new company for us that’s been a big hit is Waboba! They make all sorts of things from high bouncing Moon Balls to flying discs that are super easy to catch! I think my favorite of the bunch are the water bouncing balls—the soggier they get, the better they bounce! Some of them even change color in the water! 

AAAND, last but not least, we got in these cute, durable, and infinitely recyclable aluminum bubble bottles and sets of 4 aluminum bubble bottles that come with a box of 26 refills worth of bubble juice from Bubble Tree! Are you kidding me??? That should last most people for at least a little while, right? Sarah tested them out... and approved! We think you will, too.

Come and visit us during our walk-in shopping hours every day from 10-5! No appointment required.

See you soon! ♥️

Love, Mildred & Dildred