Let’s Buckle Up and Go!

HAPPY SUMMER! Well, while it’s not technically summer yet, it sure feels like it, with the last day of school, promotions, graduations (hooray, congratulations!!) and those Tucson temps eeeeever so slightly approaching “no, thanks.” After a wild ride for the last year and a half, a little vacation is probably in order for most of us. Do you know someone who gets bored in the car or on a plane? From little guys to tweens, we’ve got some boredom busters to cure their woes. We’ve got magnetic games and puzzles, wipe clean books, sticker activities, and so much more! Here are some of our faves:

For the youngest ones, one of our long-time favorites are Whirly Squigz! These are basically giant fidget spinners made out of silicone with a suction cup on the bottom. Put them in your mouth, stick them to the tray on the plane or the car window, the table at a restaurant or anywhere flat and let them spin! Honestly these are fun for ages 6 months to 4 years.

For ages 3 and up, things start to get really fun! Tell Me a Story cards are a super duper early literacy game—it’s a deck of cards with big illustrations. Pull 3 to 5 random cards and make up a story based on what you see! Everyone in the car will be entertained by the wacky stories kids come up with. They’re awesome for ages 3-7!

And last but certainly not least, we have been getting bazillions of these pop fidgets in lately! They’re like endless bubble wrap and made out of silicone, and they’re a huge hit with kids 5 to 105! Do I really need to tell you more? Go find a kid who loves Tik Tok... they’ll go on and on about ‘em. (If you’re looking for more fidgety toys, you’ve gotta check out our big Fidgety and Sensory section!)

Side note! Birthdays are a year-round thing people are shopping for, but lately it seems like more people are attending actual parties in person! Did you know that we have a section our website featuring a huge mix of toys $15 and Under? Now you do!

Come in for a visit any day of the week from 10-5! No appointment required.

See you soon!

♥ Mildred and Dildred