Halloween and a Spooky Sale!

Halloween and Crazy Autumn’s Spooky Sale!

Whoa! How is it already September? This is especially shocking for those of us who are still referring to 2019 as “last year.” Time is an abstraction. Does that make you feel unsettled and a little creeped out? Good! Channel that energy into Halloween! That’s what it’s there for.

Check out our super fun, super spooky mix of toys and books here! Eek!

In other unsettling news, Crazy Autumn is back at it with screaming steals and deals! Our sale section is positively oozing with bargains right now. Yikes! Check them out in the store or online right here! We’ll be adding more treats over the next few days, no tricks! If we ever had this much stuff on sale at once at our old location, nobody would have been able to fit inside the store. If you shop the Autumn’s Spooky Sale online, all the items are available for Curbside Pickup or Local Delivery only!!
Get ready to get PUMPED UP!!

And now, an important COVID-19 protocol update: We decided to go back to asking everyone over the age of 5 to please wear a mask when they come into the store. We keep hearing about kids getting sick in particular, and since we are all about kids (kids are the best!) we are encouraging everyone to do their part! Then we can all still have fun but turn down the dial on the risk. If you don’t have a mask with you, we’ll have extras here for you right by the door. We really really appreciate it! 

If you are playing it extra safe, we’re still offering private shopping appointments every day in half-hour slots from 9:00-10:00am! Then it’s just your party in a huge empty store, all masked together. Sounds like a good way to start the day! You can book an appointment right here.

Come and visit us during our walk-in shopping hours every day from 10-5! No appointment required during that time!

See you soon!

♥ Mildred & Dildred