Gift Guide #5: Stocking Stuffers!

Hooray! Welcome back to our super fun and hopefully also super helpful gift guide series! Over the next few weeks we’ll be emailing you some suggestions to make this holiday season go as smooth as possible.

Okay, serious business time: Stocking Stuffers!  Similar to stuffing on Thanksgiving, stocking stuffers are actually the most fun part of Christmas morning. Don’t you agree? Peeking into a sock full of magical, super fun tiny treasures… everyone gets into it! And honestly, everyone needs a toy on Christmas (more on that next week :D).

Are you into holiday specific stocking things? These little pop its are sure to fit the bill! We’ll send you one at random unless you tell us otherwise. 

You’ve gotta have something cute sticking out the top of your stocking, so while Fred here is a personal favorite, we highly recommend checking out all our holiday plush here (we are overflowing with Jellycat… they’re the best!), specifically small cute things like: Rudy the Gnome, Birdling Cardinal, or this Little Penguin

If you’re just looking for fun little toys, check out our handy-dandy Under $15 category, or this smaller smattering of wee wonders in our Stocking Stuffersection!
Some of our faves are: Plus-Plus, An awesome building toy perfect for ages 5 to 12 (it reminds us of Minecraft), this incredible dice game Tenzi, This beautiful kaleidoscope (also fun to take video of this with a phone camera)… basically all treasures, all the time! 

Okay! Until next time, when we feature suggestions for Too Cool Teens and Cool Grown Ups! We sure hope that was helpful. Whew!

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See you soon!
♥️Mildred & Dildred