Gift Guide #3: Ages 6 to 8 Years!

Hooray! Welcome back to our super fun and hopefully also super helpful gift guide series! Over the next few weeks we’ll be emailing you some suggestions to make this holiday season go as smooth as possible. If you ever miss an email or if you want to look back at old ones, check out our blogWe post it a day or so after the email goes out.

Ages 6 to 8: First up, these incredible walkie talkies— Autumn and Nikki gave them a try after hearing from some of our fellow toy store pals that they were awesome, and they were really very impressed! They have a channel lock so you can’t mess up and disconnect yourself from your group, background-sound muting, a little call button (that makes it feel like a cell phone), and up to a mile of range! You can attach as many people as you want to the same channel. This would be fun for a family that’s always on the go, or even like a kid and their neighbor friend. So nostalgic (little smiling single tear emoji)!

We keep getting in all of these awesome games that are super easy to learn but a fun challenge for kids 6 and up (way up—we all also like to play them as a staff!). These are great because they level the playing field if a kid is playing with a grown up. Here’s a smattering of some of our faves—just click the images below to learn more about each one, or check out all our games for this age range here!

Anything science is SO fun for this age group—if it’s something as simple as mixing (Chemistry!) or as tricky as building (Physics! Engineering!), kids will absorb all the scientific facts as they learn through playing with all our awesome experiment kits! Nikki’s favorite is anything Snap Circuits. There’s no feeling quite like watching a kid have an a-ha moment when they figure these circuit boards out. Click the image below to see our Snap Circuit selection, or check out all our science experiments for this age here!

Last but DEFINITELY not least, Playmobil and Calico Critters! Both of these lines have similar play—they’re both like a story telling, role playing kind of toy, each with their own little world that kids can get immersed in. They’re both for ages 4-10 years, but all of us MilDils still love to collect them! It’s just all the teeny weeny things that make these toys so much fun, and so perfect for this age range. Everything that we currently have available for both Playmobil andCalico Critters are all online, so you won’t miss anything we’ve got in stock! Click on these images to see each section:

Calico Critters


Okay! Until next time, when we feature suggestions for ages 9 to tween! We sure hope that was helpful. Whew!

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See you soon!
♥️Mildred & Dildred