Gift Guide #2: Ages 3 to 5 Years!

Hooray! Welcome back to our super fun and hopefully also super helpful gift guide series! Over the next few weeks we’ll be emailing you some suggestions to make this holiday season go as smooth as possible. If you ever miss an email or if you want to look back at old ones, check out our blog! We post it a day or so after the email goes out.

Age 3 to 5– this is when toys start to get really fun! By 3 years, little ones are typically done putting things in their mouths and start learning through play in new ways as they get better at being a bigger kid. That means they start pretending, building… being busy in general, all the way through to age 5 (or like, forever, really). Here are some suggestions that are sure to appeal to anybody in this age bracket!

Know a kid who has everything? For these situations, we really like to suggest a play tent! Our new favorite are these cool Airforts. All you need is a standard box fan (you’ve probably got one in your garage!). Attach the fan to the vent with velcro and turn that puppy on, and watch your tent inflate in seconds! It folds back up into a little bag for storage until the next time. Perfect for Arizona! Check them out here!

We’ve also got a pretty incredible section of Magnatiles right now! They’re shockingly durable magnetic building tiles that never repel each other, so nobody’s going to get frustrated. We originally started carrying them because Autumn’s husband worked at a school where they had them and the kids loved them more than any other toy they had. We have sets of just tiles for open ended play or some that are a little more directed, but no matter what, they’re all compatible together. Take a peek here!

One of our all-time-favorites for this age range is Do-A-Dot markers. They’re basically giant chunky markers that you can dab on paper and they leave behind big colorful dots. They’re soooo pretty, a lot like watercolor in the way you can layer them and see how the colors mix. They’re water soluble, they’re made in the USA, they make you happy to look at… and they also make fun coloring books that are just the right size and shape for dotting inside the lines—or not! You’re the artist! Unleash you inner Seurat here! And, just for kicks, if you’re looking for all the art things for this age range, check out this section here!

Okay! Until next time, when we feature suggestions for ages 6 to 8! We sure hope that was helpful. Whew!