Gift Guide #1: Ages 0 to 3 Years!

Hooray! Welcome to our super fun and hopefully also super helpful gift guide series! Over the next few weeks we’ll be emailing you some suggestions to make this holiday season go as smooth as possible.

1. Let’s start with the little little guys, 0-12 months! Some helpful developmental things to know are that, when they’re really new, infants don’t do too much at all other than eat, poop, and cry, but that changes shockingly fast. Pretty soon they start grasping thingsand putting them in their mouths, they love looking at high contrast pictures and objects because black and white is easy to see. Babies start sitting up and teething at around 6 months, and start walking around 1 year. A lot changes really fast, but we’ve got you covered with our whole infant section! Though we’ve gotta say, one toy in particular that’s got it goin’ ON is this cool Sensory Tissue Box. Yes, it sounds weird. But trust us, it’s slammin’! 

2. Ages 1 to 2 years is when toys start to really become important! Learning how to move your bodyand how to do detailed things with your fingers is what this age is all about. Check out our section for toddlers here! One perennial favorite in particular is anything Playmobil 123 because they’re fun to hold, they’re pretty much indestructible, they’re so cute, and they grow with your kiddo (perfect for ages 1-3, hence the name)! We have lots to choose from, from little things to big things; you’re sure to find something to fit your budget!

3. Last but not least, fun things for 2 to 3 years! This age can be a little challenging to live through (they call them terrible twos for a reason). They want to do big kid things but they’re not quite coordinated enough yet, but man, those feelings are so big! Whew. A few years back, we decided to start carrying games that are awesome for this age, because even though they’re always really simple, kids can learn to take turns, follow directions, and get a lot of wiggles out! Even if the game falls apart and just becomes some kind of other play, they can be a really fun way to express your little self and build confidence! Check them all out here (and our section of stuff just for this age here) …and just for kicks, one of our very favorite titles is Monkey Around, ‘cause it’s got it all, and a banana.

Okay! Until next time, when we feature suggestions for ages 3 to 5! We sure hope that was helpful.