Calico Critters and More!

It’s starting to feel a little springtime-y outside, isn’t it? Those happy little desert wildflowers have started blooming all around (we have a secret theory that only the very very nicest people’s yards explode with wildflowers), and the breezy days are just so lovely. Thanks, Tucson, for being extra cute right now.

Speaking of extra cute things, we finally got in our long-awaited shipment of Calico Critters! Calico Critters are tiny fuzzy little animals that live in their own extremely adorable universe. We’re so excited to have them again! Check out our ongoing collection here!

We still can’t get enough of sensory and fidgety toys,and a new one that we’re especially pumped about are these silicone POP’d Squares and Discs! They’re like endless bubble wrap, and they are just so satisfying to fiddle with—especially in a Zoom meeting or class. Those Tik Tok people can’t get enough of them, so they’re blowing up! If you think you want one, we recommend not dilly-dallying. 

We also just expanded our section of Schleich animals! They’re super detailed, super heavy duty little animal figurines, perfect for expanding your imagination and for fostering open-ended creative play! We love them so much. Take a peek here! 

It feels a little bananas that it’s already March, and this year Easter is a little early—April 4th! We have a section of Easter Basket Bundles ready to go, and we’ll be continuing to add more in the coming week. We also have a ton of stuff that will help you make the cutest Easter surprise all on your own—Bunnies, Spring Flowers, Books, and Eggstra Treats! The Bunny will definitely thank you for hopping to it.

Until next time!

♥ Mildred & Dildred