Bunny Bundles

Are you ready for Easter? Did you know that it’s only days away? Yikes! We’ve been busy making special Easter Basket Bundles for friends and customers lately! We’re totally happy to do the heavy lifting for you, ‘cause making bundles or turning a bundle into an Easter basket is F-U-N for us, and easy peasy for you!

All you have to do is:

  • Choose your budget!
  • Tell us a little about the kid (or grown up!) in question in the comment box at checkout
    • Their age
    • What kinds of things they’re into, favorite color, that kind of thing.
    • If candy is okay!
  • Turn your bundle into an actual Easter basket by adding our Easter Basket Wrap! (For locals only!!)

Doubt our skills? Check out these example bundles! First up, a Small Basket Bundle ($40) for someone who’s 4 years old, loves animals and the color blue:

Here’s a Medium Basket Bundle ($75) for a curious 2 year old who likes matching and stacking and their backyard farm!

Next up is a Fancy Easter Bundle ($100) for a Calico Critters-obsessed 7 year old who loves cute things, art, and building (and candy!)

And last but definitely not least, an Eggstra Fancy Easter Bundle ($150) for a smart and silly 12 year old who loves puzzles and playing outside (and still thinks farts are funny…they are.)

Something to suit every budget! We can’t wait to help you make your dream bundle! We like imagining how fun they are to open up while we put them together ♥️