Blogging? Okay!

Hi everybody!

We thought it would be fun to make a little bit of extra content to make our new website more exciting. It can’t hurt to make something that’s just plain fun and cute right now, given the state of things this year. Let’s talk about some of our favorite things at the store, and just in the world in general. Something we’ll never get sick of is Sesame Street, especially nostalgic Sesame Street. 

Sometimes it’s just fun to remember those cement steps, Big Bird’s nest... and when was the last time you thought about those little animations between segments? The crayon factory? The one with the antique toys and the satellite in outer space? Teeny Little Super Guy? The Operatic Orange? The one with the marble going through the game of pinball while the Pointer Sisters sing? It can be a real YouTube black hole, but a really great way to get your mind off of other less-fun things and it’s a great family activity!

Of course they also make lots of books that are fun to pour over because of how many friends there are in the illustrations! One of our very favorites is We’re Different, We’re the Same. It shows how we all look different AND all the things about us are really very similar. It’s a very important message.


You can check it out here!

Okay! Until next time.

♥ Mildred & Dildred

ps. Did you know that Ernie and Bert are an orange and a banana?