Tonies The Laurie Berkner Band

Put your Tonie on your Toniebox to hear songs! More details below.
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Get ready to take a musical ride through the world of Laurie Berkner’s classic songs! You’ll go from rocketships to elevators, swimming like fish and marching like dinosaurs, to learning about letters and listening to the sounds around you. These fun and joyous songs will get your whole family moving, laughing, and singing. Whaddaya think of that?!



1. When I Woke Up Today 

2. Victor Vito 

3. Chipmunk At The Gas Pump 

4. Bumblebee Buzz Buzz 

5. Waiting For The Elevator 

6. We Are The Dinosaurs 

7. Drive My Car 

8. The Goldfish 

9. Monster Boogie 

10. Look At All The Letters 

11. I Know A Chicken 

12. This Mountain 

13. I'm Gonna Catch You 

14. One Seed 

15. Rocketship Run 

16. Pig On Her Head 

17. My Family 

18. Moon Moon Moon 

19. Listen To The Sounds 

Total Run Time: 51 minutes