Sonny Angel Mini Figure Vegetable


We’re soooo excited to finally bring back Sonny Angels to the toy store! Now that we have more room since we moved, we have a special spot to display them on the counter. This is probably the number one staff favorite toy—several of us have a small army.

What’s a Sonny Angel? It’s a lot like a retro Kewpie doll, just a naked little baby, but each one is wearing a different hat. They all have little pee pees, and little wings on the back. They’re also completely blind box, which means they’re sealed in a little foil bag inside a box, so there’s no way to know which one you’re adopting. Each series has a mystery figure… and if you get really lucky, we’ve heard that there are also sometimes Robby Angels out there! That’s like winning the lottery though.

You will get one figure from this series! Good luck!

For ages 3 and up.