Sam & Julia - Little Mouse Door

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Sam & Julia live in the Mouse Mansion in Amsterdam! They’re very best friends, and love to discover new places. 

Did you know the entrance to the Mouse Mansion is right there in your bedroom? Paint the door and letterbox and stick them to a wall. Put little letters in the mailbox and wait for them to be discovered! Children will fantasize about the world behind their wall with this enchanting little mouse door.

Included in the box:
- an unpainted door that can open (8 x 18 cm)
- a mailbox that can open (unpainted)
- a little ladder (also unpainted)
- stickers with house numbers, name plates, etc.
- mini mail, letters, enveloppes, and newspaper prints.

Please note: the little mouse door does not include paint or plush.

For ages 6 and up! (No mice included)