Makedo Fold-Roller

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Delivery time: Curbside Pickup: Ready in 1-3 hours during business hours at 1725 N Swan (just wait for an email)! USPS Shipping: 1-6 business days!

These amazing Makedo tools will allow kids to make cardboard creations without having to ask for help from an adult! Safe and not-sharp tools will help them score and slice through any cardboard box and turn it into a house or a car or a spaceship or… anything they can imagine! (We actually use them ourselves to make shipping boxes smaller sometimes!)

This thing is a perfectly safe, not-sharp-at-all cardboard perforator, making it easy to have cardboard flaps right where you want them without ripping or folding where you don’t actually want them to. Use the back of the Fold-Roller to poke a hole in any weight of cardboard to get started!

What will you come up with? For ages 5 and up!