Custom Easter Basket!

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Delivery time: Curbside Pickup ready in 1-3 hours during business hours at 1725 N Swan. Just wait for an email letting you know it’s ready!

The Easter Bunny always seems to nail it, doesn’t he? If you aren’t sure about what to get as an Easter treat (or if you like surprises, too), this is your opportunity to delegate it to the Bunny. He’s an expert, after all!

All you have to do when you purchase this item is…

  • Tell us a little about the kid in question in the comment box at checkout
    • Their age
    • What kinds of things they’re into, favorite color, that kind of thing.
    • If candy is okay!

We’ll pass the information along to the Bunny and he’ll hop to it! Everyone will be pleasantly surprised by this special Easter Basket, including you! How fun is that?

This time we’re including the basket, grass, and cellophane wrap, and that means that this item is available for Curbside Pickup, only! 

For any age! Any kid (or grown up, or family)!