Virtual Story Time

I know, I know, another post about books. But hear me out! WE MISS STORY TIME! Those shiny happy faces on Tuesday mornings was a really fun way to start the week. It was so nice to see moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas all getting together with a kid and coming on down to sing and sit together and enjoy a free and thoroughly enjoyable little story time. We get to know the regulars and feel sad but proud when they outgrow story time and leave us for pre-k or kindergarten. Fortunately sometimes siblings come along to help keep our grown up pals around! We love seeing you and we miss you!

However, with the power of social media, Autumn has been working hard to keep our IGTV updated with the latest books. She also sometimes reads things she wouldn’t be able to because the pictures are too tiny for a crowd... but not too tiny for an iPhone camera! She even sings songs sometimes as a bonus! Now you can have a Mildred & Dildred story time in your pocket at all times whenever you need a story. Extremely convenient.

Autumn always reads what we sell, so we’ve been trying to bulk up the Read section of the website. Very nearly every single title we carry is now live on the website! We have books that we like to read at story time, of course, but we also have all sorts of things for those kids we’ve lost to kindergarten, or who are now like, TWEENS (gasp)!

Check out our books by age, our favorite biography series Who HQa smattering of readers, treasures from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and more in our Little Golden Book section, and Kids’ Classics with everything from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Around the World in Eighty Days! We recently expanded our Bilingual section, and those books are all available online. Our Fuel For Change section highlights BIPOC voices and stories. Check it out for titles about about Black history, how to be actively antiracist, and anti-bullying. It’s never too soon to start talking about these issues so we can be better at looking after our neighbors and friends.

And of course, click here to see Autumn do her thing!

Okay, until next time!

♥ Mildred & Dildred