The Bunny is Coming Soon!

It’s hard to believe it’s that time again—the weather is so nice, birds are building their nests—it’s the 378th day of March! Or, that’s what it feels like, anyway. Actually, it feels like the perfect time to do a little frolicking, right? A little bit of flower sniffing? Maybe even a little... Easter Basket making?? Easter is April 4th this year! Yikes!

Luckily, we’ve totally got you covered with a veritable plethora of Easter Basket Bundles. You can even add Easter Basket Wrap to take your bundle to the next level and turn it into an actual basket with a reusable bucket, paper Easter grass, cellophane and a cute bow—The Works. (This is an option only available for Local Delivery or Curbside Pickup orders... sorry folks!) 

Not seeing the perfect Easter Basket Bundle? We have lots of plush bunny and animal options, non-bunny options, Springtime Storieseggstra treats,and even a little candy so you can make your own! If you choose that Easter Basket Wrap option, we’ll pack your special choices into a bucket! Easter is done in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, as they say.

We’ve also got packs of 10 pre-filled Easter eggs, carefully filled with little toys and stickers (If you’re curious, you can get a taste of what might be inside by taking a peek here). All you have to do is hide them... or delegate that task to the Bunny. He’s busy but extremely efficient. Get 10 Eggs for $5. That’s what I call an eggcellent deal.

Not into Easter but still very into Springtime? We just got in these very cute, perfectly kid-sized spatula/cookie cutter sets that are just lovely for making treats together. We all deserve a treat these days, don’t you agree? It would be a fun addition to an Easter basket, too, but it looks like a great way to spend an afternoon no matter what.

Autumn recently did what’s maybe the springtimiest thing possible, and raised her very own butterflies from little caterpillars using our cool Butterfly Garden Kit that we’ve got in our science section! It’s a really great way to observe this fascinating process up close, and then you can have your very own butterfly release! Mother Nature will be so pleased. Check out Janet and her cool shades:

Until next time!

♥ Mildred & Dildred