Fun things at home: Cassie Stephens!

Nikki found this lady somehow on Instagram a few years ago, and was instantly amazed. Cassie Stephens is the most magical art teacher maybe ever? She’s got so much fun energy and makes so many interesting and inspiring art projects for the k-5 kids she teaches in Tennessee! (And super wacky dance videos on Instagram, too... just sayin’).

Luckily, we can ALL be Miss Stephens’ students through the magic of the internet! Thank goodness. Check out her YouTube channel here! This is very fun but also potentially extra helpful now that everyone is trying to feel their way through homeschooling. Her channel is full of all sorts of clear and fun-to-follow-along videos of different artsy projects, including a couple of totally brilliant projects for getting used to wearing masks all the time, liiiiike this one!

For more info and fun, check out Miss Stephens’ blog here! How does she find time to do it all? Well, I think her house is pretty messy... it’s aaaaaall about balance.

Need some new supplies to make some exquisite works of art? We’ve got you covered(wink).

We hope this helps shake a little inspiration and creativity out of those noggins! 

See you next time!

♥Mildred & Dildred