Tonies Creative GoNoodle

Put your Tonie on your Toniebox to hear guided meditations! More details below.
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tonies® has teamed up with GoNoodle to bring kids, parents, and educators a moment (or two) of mindfulness and meditation with a little help from the Toniebox.

GoNoodle has engaged and empowered millions of kids across the country to channel their energy and practice mindfulness. The GoNoodle x tonies® Mindfulness Tonie gives kids the chance to participate in different GoNoodle mindfulness activities without using a screen. With the launch of the new GoNoodle x tonies® Mindfulness Tonie, we’re helping bring GOOD ENERGY to your little listeners, as they enjoy a guided mindfulness and relaxation experience designed especially for them. This special Creative-Tonie has both the content from GoNoodle as well as space for your own stories!

Stories and Activities:

1. Introduction: An introduction to the GoNoodle x tonies® Mindfulness Tonie

2. Opposites Activity #1: Learn all about opposites, like loud and quiet, in this interactive activity!

3. Interstitial #1: An introduction to the Melting Meditation

4. Melting Meditation: A mindfulness meditation to help you let go, relax, and melt away tightness, stress, and negative energy

5. Interstitial #2: An introduction to the Opposites Activity

6. Opposites Activity #2: A breath work and mindfulness activity to help with emotional learning and opposite feelings

7. Interstitial #3: An introduction to the Rainbow Breath Meditation

8. Rainbow Breath Meditation: A meditation to raise your energy and face your day!

9. Interstitial #4: An introduction to the Squatchy Not Sleepy sleep story

10. Squatchy Not Sleepy Sleep Story: Drift off to sleep with Squatchy the Sasquatch!

Total Run Time: 32 minutes