Yoto Card The Senses

Insert a Yoto card into your Yoto Player to hear science facts about the human body! More details below.
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The BrainBots are out of the classroom and shrinking all the way down to learn as much as they can about the senses that help us experience the world - taste, touch, sight, smell and sound.

Nellie loves turning her taste sensors on when there’s ice cream around - but how does it work for humans? Join Nellie, Buzz and Gibbs as they find out what the five senses are, discover what happens to make sure a human can taste their (all-important) ice cream, and learn a little bit of sign language!

Test your knowledge at the end of the card to see how many BrainBank facts you can remember about the human body and its senses.

Runtime: 30 minutes

For ages 5-12!