Tie Dye Party Kit

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Who else has been craving wearing happy things after a stinky winter during a poopy year? This kit is exactly what the doctor ordered! With enough dye to cover 12 medium kid’s shirts, you will be able to make nearly an entire wardrobe explode with color! These kits are easy enough that a 5-year-old can handle doing them. We recommend choosing any fabric that’s 100% natural material (like cotton, wool, or rayon—not polyester!) because they will hold onto the dye the best! Basically, the possibilities are endless. Socks? Chonies? Shirts? Scrunches? Bibs? Onesies? ...bedsheets? A face mask? Do it!!!

All you’ve gotta do is add water! (Doesn’t include anything to dye, but we bet you already own the perfect thing!)

  • 12 dyes in plastic 120 ml (4.06 oz) bottles
  • 1 bag of soda ash
  • 9 pairs of plastic gloves
  • 60 rubber bands (ties)
  • Instructions
  • Tie dye technique guide

For ages 12 and up!