Sonny Angel Hippers Animal Series

Sonny Angels are limit 4 total per customer! If you order more than 4 total Sonny Angels, we will cancel your order. Thanks for understanding!!
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Delivery time: Curbside Pickup: Ready in 1-3 hours during business hours at 1725 N Swan (just wait for an email)! USPS Shipping: 1-6 business days!

We’re soooo excited to finally bring back Sonny Angels to the toy store! Now that we have more room since we moved, we have a special spot to display them on the counter. This is probably the number one staff favorite toy—several of us have a small army.

What’s a Sonny Angel? It’s a lot like a retro Kewpie doll, just a naked little baby, but each one is wearing a different hat. They all have little pee pees, and little wings on the back. They’re also completely blind box, which means they’re sealed in a little foil bag inside a box, so there’s no way to know which one you’re adopting. Each series has a mystery figure, too… just sayin’.

You will get one figure from this series! Good luck!

For ages 3 and up.