Snuffles White Big 18in

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If you were born in the mid 80’s, you might have had a Snuffles as a kid (and maybe you still have it, let’s be honest. This is a judgement-free zone, guys!). Basically, the most perfect teddy bear ever, when you hug it and look down, he’s smiling up at you. There is nothing more comforting in the whole world.

Snuffles has beans in his butt to make that hug extra cozy. He’s soft, he’s cute, and basically irresistible.

Once, I saw a grandpa pick one up off the shelf, and it gave him the biggest smile. He nuzzled its fuzzy nose. It was very cute. Everyone becomes this grandpa when you give a Snuffles a hug. Seriously.

This giant guy is safe for all ages! 18”!! You heard me right!