Riceprout Cabbage

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Riceprout is a plucky little sprout who eats Christmas dinner everyday - What a dream come true! No more arguments around the table, this sprout you're sure to love! Riceprout has a super soft green body wrapped in embroidered green leaves, and who can resist that sweet embroidered face?

Noodoll was born in the imagination of their founder, Yiying, while studying at art school in London. Inspired by the shapes of the noodles and rice of her native Taiwan, Yiying created a character called Noodoll, which started life as an illustration in a story, before leaping off the page and into plush toy form. The stories this little character inspired in Yiying’s imagination, and the joy they brought, gave her the idea to create some friends for him. She named the company in his honour, and so the Noodoll journey began.

About 5.5” tall. Ages 0 and up!