Mini Pocket Kite

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Delivery time: Curbside Pickup: Ready in 1-3 hours during business hours at 1725 N Swan (just wait for an email)! USPS Shipping: 1-6 business days!

These pocket kites are *theeee best!* All you have to do is attach the string to the kite, let the vents of the kite inflate with the wind, and let go! They’re awesome especially in a place like Tucson where it doesn’t get that windy. See you on Hippie Hill!

The color of the bag will vary, but the kite will be the same no matter what! We’ll choose you one at random, but if you want a specific color, just let us know in the comment box at checkout and if we have it in stock, it’s yours!

For ages 6 and up.

Ps. Learn how to attach a kite string here!