Green Toys Paddle Boat

Fill this little boat up with water and pour it out of the spout! This guy is fun in the bath or in the pool! It floats when it’s empty, and the paddle on the back moves, of course. For ages 6 months and up! More details below.
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Green Toys does all of their production in the USA, and all of their products are made 100% out of recycled milk jugs. That means that the plastic is super safe because it’s food-grade, all their toys can be run through the dishwasher if you want to give them a real deep clean, and of course it also means that the toys are recyclable again (but of course we always recommend handing them down to a friend or donating them... They’re really tough stuff, so they can withstand some serious play)! Not to mention their smart packaging is also 100% recyclable, with no plastic, wires, or tape. Thank you Green Toys!