Fire Brigade Play Tent

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Being around your family all the time with no breaks can cause stress for anyone. Siblings never stop fighting, parents never stop yelling, everybody's upset because they're so cooped up. Especially if your house or apartment is small, and now that it's 100 outside, it can be really tough. A tent is a great way to give a kid the feeling of privacy and also transport them to a different mental place because it's kind of an unusual space. A little secluded, definitely chill.

This cool fire truck has a steering wheel you can actually spin! Hurry up! Save that cat! This tent requires assembly and comes with a storage bag to keep all the bits safe in the mean time.

50" L x 25.5" W x 37.75" H and for ages 18 months and up! 

Due to high shipping costs, this item is available for locals, only!