Calico Critters Fairytale Friends

7 adorable critters in one big box!!! Are you kidding?? More details below.
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I feel like we can’t endorse this particular Calico Critter thing enough. Tiny hats. Tiny animals. Fuzzy. Soft. A literal rainbow of critters, you guys! Get out of town!!! It’s like a delightful candy box. Are they 7 dwarves to your Snow White? They sure can be!

This thing is also limited edition, so get it while it’s hot (before the staff adopts them all, greedily)!

Calico Critters are basically the most adorable things in the universe. Introduced in Japan in 1985, they used to be called Sylvanian Families (they still are, outside the US). They’re little animals that are flocked with fuzz to give them an “endearing quality,” and they all live in the Calico Village with their own little hobbies and jobs, tiny accessories, and of course, adorable micro fashion. All of the little things in their world are thoughtfully detailed and so charming, just like the animals themselves. In a word—TOO CUTE.

Perfect for any critter age 3 and up!