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Gift Guide 2022: Toddler!

Hooray and Happy early Holidays!
Welcome to our super fun and hopefully also super helpful gift guide series! Over the next few weeks we’ll be emailing you some suggestions to make this holiday season go as smoothly as possible. Keep on scrolling for all the nitty gritty details…
Today’s focus is on an age group that people seem to be looking for ideas for most frequently—Toddlers! That’s everybody from about age 1 to age 3.
Anything Magnetic!
Some of the most popular toys for this age group are magnetic building toys! Most of the sets we carry from Magicube and Smartmax are for kids 1-5 years old, and they really mean it. Autumn’s son is 7 now he just stopped playing with the Magicubes he got as a toddler.
Magical Bathtime!
There’s nothing more boring than sitting in a bathtub with nothing to do. Fortunately, we have a ton of really fun and innovative bath toys that’ll really knock your socks off!
(Which is convenient, because being in a bath with nothing to do while still wearing your socks is the actual worst.)
One of our faves right now is this fabulous EleFountain Water Show!
Games for 2 and up!
Did you know they make games for kids this little? They’ll hardly realize they’re learning things like following rules, color matching, or taking turns because it’s so much fun to play!
We love first games because they’re an unexpected gift and it’s so much fun to watch them figure it all out and gain confidence while they play.
The Roll & Play Game is the youngest one, for age 18 months and up!
Fun sound books (and just books in general)!
Board books forever! These books are fun and awesome for kids from age 0-4 because they’re made of tough cardboard. Sometimes they have textures to feel or sounds to hear, finger puppets that help tell the story, or just the classics.
A perennial favorite of ours are these sound books which have real recordings of instruments or animals (they’re actually pleasant to hear)!
To see even more great ideas for kids this age, check out these sections online:
Or of course stop by for a visit and ask for help! We all have our favorites and we’re happy to point you in the right direction. We’re here every day from 10-5!
See you soon!
♥️ Mildred & Dildred
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